"Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me" Cover
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Submitted by: Michael Thomas

Artist's Statement: This is my piano cover of the song "Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me", which was written and sung by CityAlight. Through this cover, I wanted to be able to share with others my Christian faith, as well as my passion for piano and music. I have been playing piano since I was in elementary school and I'm grateful that I have retained my piano skills and my love for piano for so long. It's such a privilege for me to share my passion with all of you. Furthermore, I hope to inspire you all to explore different passions and interests and learn from those experiences because they will shape your lives for the better, as I have seen in my own life.

Cover By: Magdalena Karpiesiuk, Artur Zalewski, Kamil Zalewski, and Dawid Zalewski